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Covet is first and foremost a community. Our foundation is care and consideration. The Covet community's culture is Consent, and the Covet App is where all members convene and communicate.

Because we believe that people are whole individuals, WE ARE NOT JUST A PLEASURE-POSITIVE SOCIAL NETWORK, we heavily push for education, mindfulness, therapy, self-care, celebrating nerdom, using music as a love language, Sims, yes those Sims, pleasure and joy.

Forget what you think you know about us and see for yourself!

Membership includes access to the following: the Covet app, curated, members-only luxury Jaunts, members-only experiences, member-pricing for experience tickets etc.

Each applicant will undergo a criminal background check after they submit their application. You will also be required to sign our Code of Conduct, NDA, and Photo Policy for both the app and our Jaunts. If you have questions please contact us!

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we are not a sex club
we are not a swinger's club

frequently asked questions &
frequent misunderstandings

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What is included in my annual membership fee?

Your annual membership fee of $49 covers your annual criminal background check and app.

what's a jaunt?

Jaunts are a three/four day adults-only, all inclusive experience with luxe accommodations and amenities. Jaunts could include lifestyle performances, offer custom trainings/demos, activities, and provide chef prepared meals and beverages. We will handle your airport transfer, as well. AIRFARE IS NOT INCLUDED.

how do i apply?

Why does covet do background checks?

Privacy and safety are important to Covet Culture. We want to ensure that every member aligns with that culture. Any offenses sexual or abusive in nature will result in an automatic denial. I promise, we don't care about your lead foot! If you have any questions please contact us immediately before applying.

What is covet? where is covet based?
where are jaunts and events held?

Experience Covet (EC) is a Denver based company, that offers both an exclusive online social community and high-end experiences.

Experiences and Jaunts will be offered in cities around the United States and Internationally.

What do you guys do with my background check?

Once the BG Check is complete, you'll receive an email with a copy of what we have received. Any offenses violent or sexual in nature will result in an automatic denial. If you have any questions, please email us immediately! We store the results on a secure server for a year, until your annual fee and bg check is due again.

how do couples apply?

Each member of the couple, trouple or quadruple will apply as an individual.

what happens after i'm accepted?

is this a swinger's club / sex club?

why should i apply?

can i be a part of other groups / networks?

After you apply and your BG check has been ran, and comes back clear. You will receive a welcome email with your login and password (NEW APP ONLY).


That is a personal decision that you have total agency over. However, if you are looking for a community of whole individuals that celebrates all the parts, even the kinky ones.
This space is for you.

If you are looking for education that covers everything from healing traumas to using psychedelics and everything in between, this space is for you.

If you are seeking luxury or are learning that you deserve luxury through experiences, travel and community, this space is for you.

If you are looking for a safe space where you can show up 100% you, this space is for you.

And while this space is not meant for everyone, if you align with our ethos, please apply. We cant wait to welcome you!

BY ALL MEANS, YES! We 100% encourage this. We want our community to join forces as much as possible! There's room for everyone.

But, much like our personal way of living, we don't seek to be everything for everybody!

Application Fees are NON-REFUNDABLE

if you have questions, please reach out! aND WE ARE ALWAYS READY FOR AN ALIGNED COLLABORATIONs...

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