ExCo has partnered with The Funsexual to host a pleasurable weekend May 19, 2023, checking out May 22, 2023. Join The Pleasure Society and kick your Summer off right.

Details below:

Come link with your faves all weekend, and meet new faves! Relax the entire time or partake in all the festivities, choose your own adventure! Think of it like a Char-coochie Board 🤣 Big love to Dawn!

If you're interested, please fill out the form below!
Tickets go live January 20th!

$750 per person
rice includes:

$800 per person
rice includes:

  • Transportation to & from airport to retreat*
  • Weekend Accommodations, sleeps 3 or 4
    (Friday - Sunday, checking out Monday)
  • All Food & Beverage (Adult beverages included)
  • FUNCO Camp Programming & Events
  • FUNCO Camp Shirt
  • Access to all camp facilities, activities (Archery, Jet-skiis, kayaking, and more!)
  • Transportation to & from airport to retreat*
  • Weekend Accommodations, sleeps 2*
    *Roommate Required
    (Friday - Sunday, checking out Monday)
  • All Food & Beverage (Adult beverages included)
  • FUNCO Camp Programming & Events
  • FUNCO Camp Shirt
  • Access to all camp facilities, activities (Archery, Jet-skiis, kayaking, and more!)
By choosing YES and filling out this form, you also must identify as Black, Brown, Indigenous or POC.


My question:

My email is:

My name is:

We'll be in touch within 48 hours.
We can't wait to meet you.


Y'all testing for covid?

how long is camp?

what's included?

Yes, while testing is not mandatory across the nation, we have several members and guests who are immunocompromised and we take their safety seriously. Everyone is required to bring COVID rapid test results with them the day they check-in. NO EXCEPTIONS. Masks are not required.

Camp is from May 19, checking out May 22.

Lodging, your meals, access to activities, airport shuttle, and your FunCo Camp Shirt!

is this member's only?

No! It's for me, you, your momma and your cousin too! (Vetting required)

when will i get my ticket
and how?

can i get a refund? What's the policy?

what's the process?

You will receive your FUNCO kit upon final payment that will include additional information and your ticket. You will only receive this once you have paid in full.

Refunds are available for CAMP DEPOSITS only. This courtesy is only available until April 1st. Your second payment is NON REFUNDABLE.

If you find you are unable to attend, you can only sell your spot until March 30th because all attendees must be vetted.

Ready to attend? ExCo members and FunSexuals will click the appropriate link, newcomers will click CLAIM MY BUNK. This will take you to a form known as the vetting process. We want to ensure that we are sharing space with like-minded, consent-centric, and pleasure-positive humans.

After you fill out your vetting form, you will be contacted with a link to confirm your deposit and set-up your Zoom!

can i take photos/video?

what is consent culture?

what should I pack?

Please follow the wristband rule that will be in place. Green means YES, Yellow means ASK and Red means NO, however regardless of wristband, please ALWAYS ask for consent before taking pictures and posting publicly. Specific events are strictly no photography as we want you to focus on fun and have already enlisted a videographer to cover them.

Respecting people's spaces, boundaries, and getting a CLEAR YES or it's a no. We do nothing without permission at events, and you will promptly be removed if you violate this.

Examples include:
Want to touch someone/hug someone?
You ask: May I touch you?

Want to take a photo of or with someone?
You ask: May I take a photo of you/with you?

Toiletries, tennis shoes, bathing suit, shower shoes, water bottle, flashlight, bug spray, sunscreen, (bed and shower linens if camp doesn’t supply), comfortable active wear, sunglasses, hat/visor, lingerie, fetish or kink wear, toy and tools!

how do i get there?

what we gon be doing?

can the camp accommodate dietary restrictions?

We will provide all travel information once we launch on January 30th, please check back then for Airport information.

FunCo will offer events, activities and workshops with some of your favorite educators and practitioners. The campsite also offers swimming, kick ball, baseball, frisbee, rock climbing, arts and crafts, watersports 😉and so much more.

Yes! Specify any of your dietary restrictions when you fill out the camp application.

can i park my car onsite?

is it wheelchair accessible?

what's the wifi password?

Yes. We are offering shuttle service for those who will be flying in but if you choose to drive, parking will be available.

Absolutely. If you need additional accommodations, please let us know!

This will be provided once you are on-site!

I wanna come, what's are next steps?

What is vetting?

When's the last day to buy tickets?

On January 30th, Click Claim My Bunk and begin the vetting application!

Vetting is a series of questions via interview that ensures you are not a danger or harm to yourself or other guests.

Last day to buy tickets is March 30th, but you must pay in full and be able to have your vetting interview on April 1st, 2nd, or 3rd. No exceptions.

is vending allowed?

Yes. On the last day of camp, there will be a vendors market to purchase any goods you wish to sell. If you would like to vend, email info@experiencecovet.com