You'll arrive on Thursday, May 18th, 2023 along with the rest of the FUNCO Staff to get acquainted with the facility, each other, and have some chill time before Campers arrive on Friday.

Counselors and staff will coordinate schedules to arrive at HPN airport around a center time in order to shuttle together.

active. involved. excited.

Each house will have it's own channel on Discord, so House members (Campers) and Counselors can get familiar.

you are responsible for coming up with a house name and colors

Each counselor will be paired with a Counselor-in-Crime, due in part to the number of campers attending. We want to make sure no one is overwhelmed, so you can lean on each other during the weekend.

Each of you will be given a batch of FUNCO Merit Badges to give your house members and other campers you believe deserve it throughout camp!

Each pair of Counselors will have a set number of campers assigned to your “House”. Each “House” will have the opportunity to participate in team challenges and events, giving you the opportunity to get to know your campers, and possibly win the House Cup!

double down

kinky badges

house of...

Counselor Shirts
Toiletries and other Accoutrements
Tennis shoes, Sandals/Flip-flops, Shower & Swim Shoes
Water Bottle
Bug spray and Sunscreen,
Lake/Beach Towel
Comfortable Active Wear
Light jacket, hoodie, sweatshirt
Encouraged (Optional):
Lingerie, Fetish or Kink wear, toys and tools!

Please be on the lookout for staff emails, Discord discussions, and Zoom invites! Please note: we want our Counselors active, involved and excited!



consent culture strictly enforced

Duties are Care, Consideration, Consent and Community for yourself, other Counselors and Campers. The Counselor's Intention is to support FUNCO being a safe and fun space.

join staff discord

We're excited to see you this Summer. If you have any questions please write us on Instagram or use the form below.


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My name is:

We'll be in touch within 48 hours.
We can't wait to meet you.


Y'all testing for covid?

how long is camp?

what's expected of me?

Yes, while testing is not mandatory across the nation, we have several members and guests who are immunocompromised and we take their safety seriously. Everyone is required to bring COVID rapid test results with them the day they check-in. NO EXCEPTIONS. Masks are not required.

Camp is from May 19, checking out May 22.

You're expected to show up and provide support, instruction and care for those in your House and others around camp. No, you aren't a parent or guardian, but if someone needs something, we're relying on you to either point them in the right direction or be a listening ear. This camp is, first and foremost, a safe space. Should you encounter anyone making the space unsafe, it is your job to alert Kindred, so we can take the necessary steps for mediation or, possibly, removal. If all else fails fall back on the following: Care, Consideration, Community and Consent.

what if someone has an issue I don't know how to solve?

Please immediately find Kindred, Counselor Coordinator for additional support!

how will housing work?

can i get a refund? What's the policy?

is this a dry camp?

what's a house?

We will pair you with other Counselors, but if you have specific room requirements, needs or requests, let Kindred know!

Refunds are only available until March 15th.

This is an optional camp, dry for those who choose and wet for those who choose.

Harry Potter? Game of Thrones? Houses are basically teams, crews, gang-gang things! You and your co-counselor will create a House Name with House Colors. Theses houses can compete in team events or do team activities togethers.

You'll have a section designated for your
House on the discord to meet with and
coordinate with your House!

can i take photos/video?

what is consent culture?

how will communication work between counselors?

Please follow the wristband rule that will be in place. Green means YES, Yellow means ASK and Red means NO, however regardless of wristband, please ALWAYS ask for consent before taking pictures and posting publicly. Specific events are strictly no photography as we want you to focus on fun and have already enlisted a videographer to cover them.

Respecting people's spaces, boundaries, and getting a CLEAR YES or it's a no. We do nothing without permission at events, and you will promptly be removed if you violate this.

Examples include:
Want to touch someone/hug someone?
You ask: May I touch you?

Want to take a photo of or with someone?
You ask:
May I take a photo of you/with you?

Counselors will be given walkie-talkies, so we can stay in constant communication with each other. We will also be using the Discord to communicate, please download the app!

how do i get there?

what we gon be doing?

can the camp accommodate dietary restrictions?

Please book your plane tickets to come into HPN - Westchester County Airport for Thursday, May 18th. In the Staff Discord, we will discuss arranging flight times so we can coordinate shuttling together! If you will be driving, the camp address will be in the Discord.

FUNCO Counselors will be providing assistance during numerous activities of their choice, but we also want you to be mindful because should you want to participate don't sign-up, we will have activities that do require ALL HANDS ON DECK, more on this later.

Yes! Specify any of your dietary restrictions on your Counselor Application located in your digital Counselor Kit.

can i park my car onsite?

is it wheelchair accessible?

what's the wifi password?

Yes. We are offering shuttle service for those who will be flying in but if you choose to drive, parking will be available.

Absolutely. If you need additional accommodations, please let us know! Please keep in mind, it's on 300 acres of open land.

This will be provided once you are on-site!

can we fratenize?

am i on call?

ONLY, AND WE MEAN, ONLY WITH CONSENT! Please schedule all fraternization before or after the events you are assigned to support.

No, once assigned activities are completed, you are OFF-DUTY, unless it's an emergency! Off-duty does not absolve you are ensuring that Camp remains a safe space for yourself and others.