Please complete your compliance before arriving.
Doors close at 9:15P, please be on time.

4900 Mulhullond Drive
Beverly Hills, CA 90210

the culture

the ritual

As a member of The Covenant, you align with our Ethos of Consent, Care, Consideration & Community.

consent culture


care & community

You will obtain blatant consent from any member of The Covenant before any action at every gathering. Consent can be given and taken away without warning or justification. Respect will be given to all decisions made.

You will care for yourself and your needs, as well as those around you. Caring for each other includes looking out for each other and showing up when needed. Building trust and cultivating connections is foundational, which only strengthens this group and community.

Attire: Pleasure-centric & High-end

Present your Coin to gain access to The Gathering.

When requested you will forfeit your coin before the evening begins, and will receive it back once the evening ends to ensure you uphold our ethos.

You will take others into consideration during gatherings, scenes, and any other events. Consideration of boundaries, limits (hard and soft), requests for consideration will be respected and acknowledged. You will also be considerate of your hosts, ExCo and the accommodations provided. Please clean up after yourselves.

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